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  • Shoulder to Shoulder: Discover the success of our recent Shoulder to Shoulder fundraising event held at Wilton’s Music Hall.
  • International trips: This term was packed with enriching experiences as students ventured on exciting international trips.
  • Mulberry College of Teaching: Learn about the inaugural cohort of trainee secondary English teachers.
  • Global Girl Leading: In October, 400 students will join the annual conference at the QEII Centre in Westminster.
  • Student highlights: Enjoy brilliant articles showcasing students across our schools and their activities during the summer term.

We are committed to providing our students with an exceptional education, and we hope you find that this newsletter is filled with inspiring stories of their achievements.

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Panda class embarked on an unforgettable riverboat cruise along the Thames, turning a regular school day into an extraordinary adventure. As the boat travelled down the Thames, the children took in the sights, tapping into their History and Geography topics they have been working on throughout the year to talk about what they could see, and the history of the London landmarks. The trip offered the children a unique blend of enjoyment and education and, as Malcolm put it, “The boat went under the old bridge, and we went past some other big and old boats, it was the best trip ever!”. 

We recently held our first ever book fair at Mulberry Wood Wharf – an opportunity for our families to browse and buy books to take home, read and enjoy. A love of reading has continued to be a key priority for the school and we think it’s fair to say that all the children now enjoy picking up a book to read.

We were so excited to welcome some eggs into the school. They were inside a warm incubator and, after a couple of days, they began to hatch and out came some ducklings! The children fed, watered and cleaned the ducklings, ensuring they had everything they needed. They named the ducks and really enjoyed having cuddles, holding them gently and carefully in their hands. It was another great way to learn about life cycles and how to care for living things. 

Panda class has been learning all about printing in art lessons this term.

The children were inspired by Karen Lederer, an American printmaker, leading them to create their own printing tiles, working collaboratively to produce an art class masterpiece. They drew their favourite animals that they have explored in science, and carefully carved their drawings which they printed onto material with paint. Arielle said, “I like it that all of our prints are different, but they go all together perfectly on the material, I think we should put this on display”. 

We welcomed some new visitors into school this term … caterpillars! The children had much to say as they gathered around the caterpillar jars to make observations, including Nephi’s “Look … they have little spikes on their backs!”, and while Muntaha felt that “The caterpillars are very small”, he also suggested, “They will get fat like the Very Hungry Caterpillar!”. 

The children observed them over time, to learn all about life cycles, and after a couple of weeks we arrived at school to find out we had butterflies. We held a ceremony releasing them into nature and really hope they come back to visit us soon, as we became quite fond of having them in our classroom. 

Mulberry Wood Wharf students certainly showcased the full range of their talents with their confident and joyful performances in the final show of the school year.

Everyone’s personality really shone throughout a rich programme of song, dance, readings and artworks. Some energising Latin, street and contemporary dance from the after-school dance classes launched the show; Blue Whale and Tiger classes sang a song about a caterpillar, drawing on their learning about life cycles; Panda class had written a poem based on A A Milne’s Now We Are Six; and all classes displayed some striking artwork. After a performance from the school choir, we all sang some shared songs together, using the sign language we have learnt over the year.

This term, Blue Whale and Tiger classes enjoyed a wonderful trip to the seaside, a short coach journey away at Chalkwell beach. 

Many children had a splash and swam in the cool water, while other children created sandcastles. Many young explorers found baby crabs and other sea creatures before the tide swept in, and everyone enjoyed lunch around picnic blankets, gazing at the beautiful beach view with friends and family. A refreshing ice lolly ended our delightful day, which many children felt was “the best day ever!”. As all the adults also enjoyed our great day out, everyone was a winner! 

Mulberry Wood Wharf’s first ever school fête, on Friday 28th June, really showcased the wonderful spirit and unity of the Wood Wharf community. 

The sun was shining brightly, creating the perfect backdrop for a spectacular afternoon of joy, laughter and community spirit. Parents/carers and students were truly instrumental in bringing the fête to life, donating their time, effort and resources to raise money for the Mulberry Schools Foundation. It was a real team effort to choose the range of stalls, from ‘shoot it out’ soccer and face painting, to ice creams and a raffle with many great prizes. We could not have managed without the help of the students from Mulberry UTC and Mulberry School for Girls, who dedicated their time and energy, helping build and strengthen our relationships with other schools in the Trust. 

The children were the stars of the day, radiating happiness, kindness and gratitude. From the henna stall to ‘hook a duck’, everyone found something to enjoy, and all their smiles and laughter were the highlight of the event.

The latest edition of Connect, the Mulberry Schools Trust newsletter, is here! This issue features exciting news, including:

  • Global Girl Leading New York Study Tour: Read about eight inspiring Year 12 students on their global educational adventure.
  • East London Teaching School Hub redesignation: We celebrate the ELTSH redesignation for another four years.
  • Mulberry Changemakers Programmes update: Discover how our Mulberry STEM Academy, Mulberry Production Arts Academy and Mulberry Scholars Academy programmes are equipping students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the future.
  • Welcome Chris Harvey: Meet the new Principal of Mulberry Academy London Dock.

We’re dedicated to providing our students with the best possible education, and you’ll find inspiring stories highlighting their achievements within the newsletter.

Thank you for your continued support. We wish you a wonderful break!

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